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Digibyte (DGB) – Augment reality and gaming can ignite interest in DGB amongst young people

Digibyte (DGB) – Augment reality and gaming can ignite interest in DGB amongst young people

The crypto market is still far from mass adoption, but it’s slowly headed there.  For instance, Digibyte (DGB) is increasingly positioning itself as the answer to the cybersecurity needs of the world today. But besides its adoption in cybersecurity, one another factor that could propel Digibyte (DGB) to the mass market is Augmented Reality and Gaming. A combination of AR and Gaming is big, as was seen in the popularity of Pokémon Go a few years ago.  One platform, Aircoins, wants to bring this back, by integrating crypto with these technologies.

per the Aircoins website, the platform wants to use AR to make it easy for users
to collect crypto through AR, just like it was, with Pokémon. To quote the
Aircoins website,

Aircoins is using the right mix of blockchain, augmented reality and gaming technologies. This unique setup allows for great flexibility for Aircoins to grasp different markets from both crypto and gaming sectors. For the first time you can easily transfer credits from a gaming platform to your personal crypto wallet such as the ledger Nano. With Aircoins you can purchase digital AR assets and some AR assets based on location. Vendors can purchase coins or advertisement packs and place the coins around their venues. App users can collect these coins and redeem them.

is a big deal, and all the coins involved could see a level of public awareness
similar to the one that Pokémon Go received. According to Rudy Bouwman, the chief
marketing officer of the Digibyte Awareness Team, Digibyte will be one of the
coins that one can collect with the Aircoins platform. Yesterday, Bouwman took
to Reddit and wrote,

Collect your DGB now in augmented reality with Aircoins!

For Digibyte investors, this is something that
could open up the adoption of Digibyte by a huge magnitude. That’s because, if this
receives the level of popularity that Pokémon got, it will put Digibyte in the
limelight through the mainstream media. There are millions of young people all
across the world who don’t even know, or care for Digibyte, that would suddenly
learn about it and take interest. This interest would translate into demand for
Digibyte (DGB) and drive up its value.

Besides, Digibyte has lots of other cool uses that make it very attractive to young people. For instance, DigiID is not just practical, it is also interesting. The whole idea of being able to log into any website without the need for emails and passwords is exciting, and will gain traction as more people become aware of Digibyte (DGB).

In essence, going into the future, Digibyte (DGB) stands out as one of the cryptos with lots of potential. As more young people choose crypto over traditional investments like stocks, the value of Digibyte (DGB) will grow significantly over time. The future of Digibyte (DGB) as an investment is bright. It’s a crypto that has the fundamentals right, and would benefit immensely from media hype.


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