Digibyte (DGB) & Stellar (XLM) – Two viable holds in 2019

Digibyte (DGB) & Stellar (XLM) – Two viable holds in 2019

07/03/2019 0 By arturotran

The market seems to be in recovery mode at the moment, and a few altcoins are already leading the way. Litecoin (LTC), EOS and Binance coin being the frontrunners. If Bitcoin (BTC) sustains its current upwards push and extends above $4200, it would significantly uplift the rest of the market. In a market where Bitcoin is rising exponentially, there are altcoins that have the potential to give superior returns. Some of these altcoins are Digibyte (DGB) and Stellar (XLM). There are a number of factors that could push these two significantly in the next Bull Run.

The first one is that, both of them have lost a significant portion of their value in this bear market.  While this is not a good reason in itself for a crypto to grow in value, especially if it has weak fundamentals, the scenario is not the same for fundamentally strong cryptos. 

For strong cryptos, this drop has effectively made them undervalued. As such, Digibyte (DGB) and Stellar (XLM) can be considered undervalued. That’s because, while price has dropped significantly, they have only got better in their core fundamentals. For instance, the stellar blockchain has been adopted extensively in different aspects of the finance industry, the top one being the IBM Blockchain World Wire, which runs on the stellar blockchain.

On top of that, a number of platforms
have been using the stellar blockchain to launch security tokens. Stellar also
introduced payment channels, such as starlight that allow institutions to make
private transactions. This is a big boost to its adoption going into the
future, and could see its value grow significantly.  This makes it extremely undervalued at current
prices, and could see massive growth in value once bulls take full control of
the market.

The same goes for Digibyte (DGB). Its price drop has made it significantly undervalued at current prices. It may have dropped in price, but its value has increased significantly in the past year. For instance, Digi-ID is a powerful cybersecurity tool and is already being used by a reputable authentication organizations, such as AntumID.

Over time, as awareness about it grows, it could be used by key industries such as banking in securing online transactions.  Digibyte is also looking to launch Digiassets, a platform where organizations can tokenize. Due to its scalable nature, Digibyte (DGB) stands to gain traction quickly in the asset tokenization space. This is a fast growth market that could even be the future of the stock markets, and Digibyte with Digiassets could be at the center of it.

In essence, by getting into
these two cryptos, investors can expect them to grow significantly in the next Bull
Run. The best part is that, even with a target of their 2017 highs, these two
cryptos can give high returns to investors. It is definitely a good time to
invest in these two since in a bull market, they could blow way past their all-time
highs, and reward investors big.