Fri. May 29th, 2020



Digibyte (DGB) – Team remains focused in spite of market drop: Good sign for the future

It’s not a very good time for Digibyte (DGB), at least not from an investor perspective. Digibyte continues to slide down, market cap rankings and lose value. It currently ranks 55th on coin market cap. This drop has even triggered key people within Digibyte (DGB), such as Jared Tate, to raise concerns of Digibyte (DGB) price suppression by major exchanges.  In spite of the challenges that Digibyte (DGB) is going through, the team continues to make moves that add to its long-term value.

week ago, the Digibyte developer team announced the release of Digibyte core
v7.17.2. This brings with it several upgrades including the introduction of privacy
capabilities by default. Another key upgrade is the replacement of Myr-Groestl with Odocrypt mining
algorithm. The advantage of Odocrypt is that it helps Digibyte remain decentralized.
To quote Jared Tate on this,

Odocrypt is named after the Star Trek character who is a shapeshifter. Just like Odo on Star Trek Odocrypt will change itself every 10 days. Thereby discouraging mining hardware manufacturers from building specialized ASICs leading to mining centralization. While in theory, it is possible to build an ASIC for Odocrypt, it would not make any economic or business sense to do so. It makes much more sense to mine it with FPGA’s.”

But it’s not just the Digibyte developer team that is taking moves that are making Digibyte better, the marketing team is working hard to push for awareness too. The Digibyte awareness team has also been proactive in pushing out positive messages about Digibyte (DGB).  While it hasn’t helped much with the price, the efforts of DGBAT have helped with informing new comers into crypto about Digibyte. Things like what it is, and how they can use it to improve their lives.

All these efforts by the different teams working on Digibyte
inspire confidence in Digibyte in spite of the decline in market cap. That’s because,
they add to the fundamentals, and ultimately it is fundamentals that will run
this market. Speculation only rules because the market is still young and the
allure of quick money is still the primary motivator for investors. However, as
awareness about what blockchain really is about, things will change. 5-years
from now, it is cryptos that have strong fundamentals that will rule, and the Digibyte
team is working hard to ensure that DGB is ready.

 In the future, DGB
will still be one of the most decentralized, safest, and with added capabilities
like privacy and smart contract capabilities. From an investor standpoint, this
make Digibyte (DGB) comes across as highly undervalued at current prices.  That’s because, once its core features gain
adoption in the market, its intrinsic value in the will grow as well. This could
see it easily gain, not just in market cap, but in overall value as well. It’s definitely
a good time to be involved in DGB for long-term thinkers. The future holds good

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