Digibyte (DGB) – This could be the coin that rules them all

Digibyte (DGB) – This could be the coin that rules them all

25/03/2019 0 By arturotran

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You are probably thinking, that should be Bitcoin (BTC), right? Well, it’s possible considering its network effect. However, there are lots of factors that could play in the favor of little Digibyte (DGB), and transform it into a mega crypto that could dominate them all. For starters, it is very apolitical. For some time now, there have been real concerns about China’s control over Bitcoin (BTC).

This matters because, it would be almost impossible for western countries to go all in on Bitcoin (BTC) for political reasons. Digibyte (DGB) doesn’t have any such problems. It is a completely decentralized network that no single country can lay a claim to, in terms of control. This makes it perfectly suited for adoption all across the world, without attracting political mistrust.

On this basis, Digibyte could emerge as the one coin that gains mass acceptance in a world where the world shifts to digital money.  While digital fiat may seem like an obvious choice in such a scenario, chances are that it might not work. That’s because, it would require trusting a government, yet the whole essence of crypto is value in a trustless environment.

Just a while back, Venezuela launched an oil-backed crypto but it flopped, in spite of it being backed by oil. The fact that it was government backed made it flop. Society will gravitate more towards trustless cryptocurrencies, and Digibyte stands out pretty well in dealing with the issues that may affect most of the other cryptos.

Then there is security. For
a crypto to gain acceptance all over the world, and at a level where it can attract
the trust of the masses, it needs to be very secure. That’s part of the reason why
Bitcoin is so popular. In the altcoins market, Digibyte (DGB) stands out in
terms of security. While it’s theoretically possible to attack any decentralized
cryptocurrency, it is almost impossible to effect the same on Digibyte (DGB). That’s
because it is secured by multiple algorithms and this makes it almost to attack
successfully. This aspect of security gives weight to Digibyte as a crypto that
has a real shot at adoption, all across the world.  

Clearly, Digibyte’s core
strengths make it one of the best cryptos to hold for the long haul. But even in
the short to medium term, Digibyte (DGB) makes a lot of sense as an investment.
That’s because, there are lots of innovative applications built on top of it.
For instance, DigiID has been gaining adoption at an exponential rate. Already,
AntumID is working on a Google extension that will allow users to login into
any website using DigiID. That’s a big deal and could see the value of Digibyte
(DGB) skyrocket in the long-run. Other interesting developments include
Digiassets which enables investors to create digital assets on the Digibyte blockchain.

With all these factors at
play, Digibyte (DGB) comes across as one of the best cryptos to hold in the
long run. It has the potential to make millionaires out of HODLERs.