Digibyte (DGB) – Coinbase CEO dismisses the DGB community: No big deal for DGB investors!

Digibyte (DGB) – Coinbase CEO dismisses the DGB community: No big deal for DGB investors!

01/04/2019 0 By arturotran

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Digibyte (DGB) never seems
to get much love from the world’s leading crypto exchanges.  First, it was the public spat between Jared
Tate (The Digibyte founder) and Binance, and now it’s the Coinbase CEO, Brian
Armstrong, showing little love for the DGB community. Two days ago, he sent out
the following tweet.

What do you want to see more from me on Twitter? What questions do you have? Thinking of trying to live video AMA this week, will answer the top favorited (non-troll) questions.

For this, he got lots of comments from the Digibyte community, asking whether Coinbase would consider listing Digibyte (DGB).  Brian doesn’t seem to have taken this lightly, and rather than answer the community, he sent out the tweet below.

Tried to ask a serious question and got spammed by the Digibyte community to filter signal from noise.

Clearly, he doesn’t have
much love for the Digibyte community, and Digibyte may not be getting listed on
Coinbase anytime soon. But does this matter for the long-term growth of Digibyte?
Chances are that doesn’t matter. Here’s why.

All through 2018, the XRP community
was looking forward to getting listed on Coinbase. The assumption was that Coinbase
would push up volumes and drive up the price. 
Coinbase finally added XRP and to the shock of the XRP community, nothing
happened.  There was just a small pump of
about 10% that didn’t last more than 24-hours.  The fact that a crypto as hyped as XRP (XRP)
didn’t pump after the Coinbase listing is a good indicator that the FOMO that
comes with exchanges like Coinbase and Binance is long gone. The focus is increasingly
shifting to the core fundamentals of cryptos. As such, whether Coinbase lists
Digibyte or not, it may not have much significance to the value of this crypto.
Fundamentals are taking root as a core value driver, and Digibyte (DGB) has
some of the best fundamentals in this market.

Some of Digibyte’s
fundamentals include as a currency, and in the cybersecurity. In the area of
cybersecurity, Digibyte (DGB) features like DigiID are gaining traction, and
could be on track to revolutionizing internet security. This is powerful and
could see the value of Digibyte (DGB) rise significantly going into the future regardless
of whether it is listed on Coinbase or not. As a currency, Digibyte is perfect because
of its low fees and the fact that it has no attachment to any nation. It is a
global decentralized currency.

Besides, powerful decentralized exchanges are on the rise. Ultimately these will replace centralized exchanges, and for obvious reasons. They are more secure and don’t come with the censorship that comes with centralized exchanges. This will ultimately level the playing field and raise the stature of coins like Digibyte (DGB). In essence, Digibyte investors can rest easy knowing that they are holding a high-value growth asset.   Once Digibyte’s core features gain wide adoption, Digibyte’s trajectory will be nowhere but up.  For instance, once Digiassets become a thing, the value of Digibyte (DGB), could be huge due to the fast growing security tokens market. It’s definitely a coin to watch going forward.