Sat. May 30th, 2020



Digibyte (DGB) – Digibyte summit to be live-streamed on Vimeo: Don’t miss out!

The Digibyte Summit is one of the most anticipated events by the Digibyte community. That’s because, it is expected that some major announcements will be made at this event. For instance, the community expects to know about progress on projects like Vesti, among other projects that the Digibyte developer teams are working on at the moment. It will also be a good time to learn about the progress of the Digibyte awareness team in driving up awareness for Digibyte (DGB). However, in spite of all the big things that will likely be announced, not every Digibyte supporter will be in a position to attend this event. That’s why Cassiopeia Services, the official PR for Digibyte has come with up an ingenious solution to this issue. They have announced that they would be live streaming it on Vimeo.  In an announcement made on Reddit, Cassiopeia has made the following announcement.

We wanted to make sure that the whole DGB global community who could not personally attend the summit in Amsterdam, can still be part of the reunion and hear about the latest developments and upcoming news. DigiByte has one of the most multicultural, diverse and passionate communities in the crypto space, and we would like to give every member the opportunity of joining us at this epic gathering.

this event being streamed live, the viewership will most likely be huge, and if
major announcements are made, then value of this crypto could rise
significantly. That’s because, if something major is announcement, anyone
watching would naturally want to capitalize on it and make money. At the end of
the day, DigiByte (DGB) is an investment, and if the investment feels right, investors
are likely to jump at the opportunity.  In
essence, Digibyte stands out as the coin to watch this week, and all through to
the end of the month depending on how pitched up the summit will be.

outside of this short-term speculation, Digibyte (DGB) has a real chance at
making it big in the long run. Everything about this cryptocurrency is right.
For instance, its making a huge reap into cybersecurity and it seems to be
wining. So far, the adoption of DigiID has been impressive, and it is poised to
get bigger. For instance, AntumID’s google chrome extension that allows the use
of DigiID to log into any website is a big deal. It could see Digibyte dominate
the web security market. This is big and could see the intrinsic value of this
crypto rise significantly in the long run.

top of that, once it becomes possible to launch assets on the Digibyte blockchain,
it will be huge for DGB. That’s because, it is scalable, and secure, which makes
it highly attractive to anyone seeking to launch assets on the blockchain. It
could dominate the market on this front, and this could see its value grow
significantly going into the future. Digibyte’s long-term growth is to a large
extent guaranteed.  

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